Clamping program

Herbert hydraulic – mechanical vices


We offer a broad assortment of vices from classical mechanical ones up to hydraulic and pneumatic vices.

Individual models including their parameters are listed in the catalog which is available for download.



Evermore driven holders

Our company represents driven holders manufacturer Evermore from Taiwan.

This brand is popular due to its precision and quality mainly among machine manufacturers who use these tools

as the standard equipment of their machines.



Tool holders

Kemmler brand offers a complete range of tool holders for milling, lathe turning and drilling, with or without internal cooling,

pursuant to DIN 2080, DIN 69871, JIS B 6339 (MAS 403 BT), ISO 12164-1 (DIN 69893-1) HSK, ISO 26623 (PSC) DIN 228 standards

and VDI tool holders for turning lathes ISO 10889 (DIN 69880). The tool holders also comprise hydraulic clamps, power clamps,

screw tap clamps, as well as complete range of collets of various sizes.




Workpiece holders

Leave products can extend your machines and increase the efficiency of your production.

Interesting are mainly various types of clamping plates,

angle sections and towers that can be seen in practice in our company.