Kemmler monolithic drills

In addition to complete tool holder range, tools, and monolithic milling cutters, the German company

Kemmler also offers the basic range of cutting-edge drills with or without internal cooling.






STANNY boring tools                                   

If you face a boring problem, you have two options. You can either use traditional monolithic drills, roughing reamers, and floating-blade reamers

in which case you need a different drill for each diameter and the number of cutting blades may cause inaccurate circularity and tool deflection from the hole axis.

Boring tools assembly with boring head gives you the opportunity of boring holes within full range of diameters. Components for this operation are available

individually or as a package in a practical case according to your required dimensions.

This machining method offered by STANNY, Taiwan, has become popular among our customers and we will be happy to specify the right solution also for you.


PROGRESTECH drills with inserts

Drills with inserts cannot be missing in PROGRESTECH assortment. We offer 2D, 3D, and 4D drills with diameters from 13 to 50.

Double-screw thread of the drill with internal cooling channels enable efficient removal of chips even when drilling deep holes.