PROGRESTECH lathe turning       

We strive for satisfying our customers not only by quality but also by reasonable price. This is why we bring you a complete assortment of PROGRESTECH tools.


The “lathe turning” range offers lathe holders with various fastening types including replaceable cutting blades as well as complete range for threading and recessing.


Tools for Swiss type, multi-spindle, and CNC lathes

Swiss manufacturer Utilis offers over 100 years of experience with tools production and our company is the exclusive representative of this company on the Czech market.


Utilis offers a broad scope of products from classical lathe turning and recessing tools up to the tools and special solutions for technologically difficult manufacturing.

Worth mentioning is the Wirbelovacích apparatus technology for threads production or special tool assemblies for STAR and Tornos Swiss type automatic systems .


This brand is highly popular in healthcare and watch manufacturing sectors thanks to small tool sizes.




PCD and CBN replaceable cutting blades


Our complete lathe turning assortment includes PCD, CBN, and CVD replaceable cutting blades which we purchase from our

long-term German supplier and their quality is confirmed by a number of long-term satisfied customers.