Exhibition of schools and employers

For the umpteenth time we participated in presentation 

of secondary school and employers.

This exhibition is traditionally organized by Regional 

chamber of commerce of Hradec Králové region.


This event is primarily focused on pupils of primary school 

making decision what they will do in their live.

Our company is member of Regional chamber for many years 

and participates in this exhibition regularly.

It is option show to pupils how they can use education in this field

in their future life.

We do believe in it was beneficial event for them.






EMO 2019

One of the largest trade fairs focused on engineering 

was held in Hanover, Germany, on 16-20 September, 

where we could not miss out.
As visitors, we had the opportunity to see the news 

in branch of engineering and we could meet our suppliers

and potential new customers as well.
One of our suppliers is Quicktech, for which we are the exclusive 

distributor on the Czech market.


Quicktech presented a S32 / 42ATM machine primarily focused on 

the healthcare industry and also introduced the current version 

of the popular I42U machine, which boasts a number of other innovations 

in addition to the new design.


It was very nice experience.




New controlling centre

We have included a new control centre with professional measuring equipment.



Professionalism and quality of our services is proven by certificate ISO 9001:2016,

which we obtained.

Our measuring centre can offer quality control on modern machines,

such as the Mahr brand conturogram or the Keyence brand projector.


Conturogram MARSURF CD 280


The new concept of measuring station combined speed, reliability and flexibility of inovation technologie.

 All measuring station of this series have a fully Z axis capable of CNC. Axis Z is cca 2x faster

than previous axises Mahr Z and up to 5x faster than usual X-axis on the market.


Profilprojector Keyence


Series Keyence IM-7030 offers a flaster and easier way how to gain accurate and consistent measurements

of components of any shape and size. The width, height and radius can be measured at once using this device,

which highlights the efficiency of the unit.

During the 99 second it is possible to measure 99 dimensions and at the same time it is possible to control 99 parts.
This reduces time and effort you need for produce accurate parts. All of the trained workers can control this new system

thanks to easy using interface.
IM7030 is equiped by automatic setting of position and orientation, automatic setting of sharping, automatic detection of edges

and ability of automatic save and govern measured dates.

23. 12. 2017

PF 2018

Merry Christmas and happy New year.